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Space Odyssey: Spaces for Film and Video Art

Cinemas are being extensively refurbished in order to survive in the digital age, a process which has taken its toll on many small cinemas. At a time of large-scale media upheaval, cinemas are having an increasingly difficult time. Within this context, this year’s summer school examines the spaces both virtual and real in which the cinema of today is livelier than ever as it moves beyond the cinema auditorium. We encounter moving images in public spaces, in museums and galleries, on stage and on the Internet – social and mental spaces, each of which create a different definition of cinema.
As the boundaries between cinema and other art forms and discourses become blurred, the architecture created by combining these disparate spaces is an expression of a utopian conception of a cinema in motion. How do film institutions need to rethink their work in the light of such developments? How can curatorial practice redefine such spaces?

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