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What 80 Million Items Want – Archives in Motion

The second Arsenal Summer School will be taking place from August 25 to 28 2010. Entitled “What 80 Million Items Want – Archives in Motion“, ten events, including workshops, discussions, performances and screenings, and a range of speakers from the fields of theory and practice will explore the various different conceptions of archives, the ways in which they are accessed and how their work can be communicated. If film archives are to be regarded as the result of long-term institutional practice, they are by no means defined by film prints alone. Letters, program magazines, posters, gossip, recollections, old projection equipment, and myths of all types all form just as important a part of an archive’s biography as the many people who have left their mark on it. This can all be experienced by means of screenings, exhibitions, performances, research, curatorial practice and discussions. Using a range of different starting points, including Arsenal’s own history, the summer school will be focusing its attention on a concept which is characterized by a wide range of different associations on the one hand and which is more fluid and indistinct than ever before on the other.

With contributions by John Blue, Tim Blue, Christa Blümlinger, Vaginal Davis, Karola Gramann, Erika und Ulrich Gregor, Milena Gregor, Birgit Kohler, Daniel Meiller, Constanze Ruhm, Heide Schlüpmann, Marc Siegel, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nicole Wolf, Akram Zaatari.

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