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Film still from THE CATHEDRAL. A child is lying on a sofa with a floral pattern, with his back facing the viewer.

Sat 07.01.

Having made several award-winning short films, Ricky D'Ambrose continues to build on his singular oeuvre with his second feature-length film THE CATHEDRAL. We observe a couple’s marriage (and divorce) through the eyes of their son Jesse Damrosch, as well as exploring the question of who is actually responsible for his upbringing. Personal and political history come together in this strongly autobiographical film. “It’s an attempt to memorialize a time in my own life—and, more broadly, I think, in the life of the USA. The result is a collage of images and sounds, grounded in a young boy’s memories, that show us something mournful and unsentimental about a diminished family at a historical moment marked by diminished expectations.” (Ricky D’Ambrose) (hb)

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