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Film still from ACTUAL PEOPLE. A young woman in shorts and top leans against the wall in a bedroom, making a phone call. She holds her toes in an aquarium standing on the floor.

Tue 10.01.

As Riley enters the final weeks of her college years, the question suddenly arises: What now? For the 22-year-old, graduation seems less of a beginning than an end, an abrupt interruption of her life so far. Even the school psychotherapist tells her out of the blue that she has just had her last session. ACTUAL PEOPLE follows Riley as she approaches the end of her school days, at times terrified, at times self-destructive, between one-night stands and the risk of failing her exams. Kit Zauhar's acclaimed debut captures a sense of malaise and questions the importance attributed to college graduation as a supposedly momentous turning point. (hb)

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