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Poznavaya belyy svet

Getting to Know the Big, Wide World
Film still from GETTING TO KNOW THE BIG, WIDE WORLD: A woman in make-up sings in front of a microphone. Behind her is a woman in a white leotard.

Sun 09.04.

POZNAVAYA BELYY SVET is set in the midst of a gigantic construction site where new factories and apartment blocks are being built. Once again, it’s a love triangle: Liuba meets the sensitive Michail, but is in a relationship with the thick-set Nicolay. All three of them work at the construction site: Liuba as a plasterer, the two men as truck drivers. From this sober setting, Muratova crafts an enchantingly poetic film full of color and musical interludes. Kira Muratova: “For me, the sight of a construction site is always exciting. It is chaos: a sphere where culture has not yet been created, where there’s no concept of beautiful/not beautiful, where there’s no aesthetic yet. Chaos may seem terrible, but to me it is wonderful.” (al)

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