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Coûte que coûte

At All Costs
Film still from COÛTE QUE COÛTE: Three men in white cooking clothes sit next to each other.

Fri 23.06.

Jihad runs a small company close to Nice that produces ready meals for supermarkets. His attempt to conquer the market with paella, salade niçoise and Basque-style chicken isn’t going well though and job cuts need to be made. While the three remaining cooks and the secretary complain about not getting paid, they also fight with him against the looming bankruptcy. Both the kitchen and the office in which Jihad juggles customer wishes and the demands of the banks become stages where the protagonists play themselves. This documentary narrative with intertitles is also a dramatic comedy and economic thriller, the audience feels part of events and hopes that the heroes’ struggles for their dream ends in success in spite of everything. (bik)

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