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Short film program "Those Who Remain"

Fri 26.04.

Surviving war, losing a loved one, finding safety far from home or witnessing the suffering of others - these films tenderly explore the inner worlds of those who remain, when others can not. Amidst the tumult of grief, guilt, regret, and fear, remaining becomes an act of strength and resilience.

Blood Like Water Dima Hamdan Palestine/UK/France 2023 DCP OV/English Subtitles 15 min.
Amygdala Osama Hafiry D 2022 DCP OV/English Subtitles 14 min.
The Voice of Others Fatima Kaci France 2023 DCP OV/English Subtitles 30 min.
Zoo Tariq Rimawi Jordan/Germany 2022 DCP without dialogue 8 min.
The Red Sea Makes Me Wanna Cry Faris Alrjoob Jordan/Germany 2023 DCP OV/English Subtitles 21 min.
If The Sun Drowned Into An Ocean of Clouds Wissam Charaf Lebanon/France 2023 DCP OV/English Subtitles 20 min.

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