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15. ALFILM – Arab Film Festival Berlin

Film still from NEO NAHDA: Two women dressed as men sit between a door frame and look directly into the camera.

Taking place between the 24th - 30th of April 2024, this year’s edition of ALFILM – Arab Film Festival Berlin marks its 15th anniversary.
Featuring a wide selection of 50 feature films, documentaries, and short films, the festival promises its audience a cinematic experience of high artistic value and relevance to timely issues.
In the ALFILM Selection, the diversity of the contemporary landscape of Arab cinema is emphasized in film productions from the last two years. In a special segment titled Persona non grata the ALFILM Selection focuses on the representation of individual destinies susceptible to multifaceted dynamics of marginalization, stigmatization, and exclusion. The films in this segment take into account the racial, gendered and socio-economical structures that nourish stigma and marginalization on the one hand, and feature on the other hand individual attempts to resist, navigate through boundaries and reclaim one’s own narratives.
This year’s ALFILM Spotlight titled Here is Elsewhere: Palestine in Arab Cinema and Beyond engages with the question of Palestine as a cause of regional and global repercussions, not solely tied to territorial sovereignty. The film program explores the varied ways in which the longings and struggles of the Palestinian people unfold through compassionate encounters, solidarity accounts, and journeys of self-exploration, featuring a diverse selection of Arab and international film productions.
Master Classes, Panel Discussions, and Film Talks will enrich this year's edition, complemented by special events and live performances within the 15 Years ALFILM – 15 Years Arab Cinema in Berlin Program.

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