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Bombenwerfer & Was soll’n wir denn machen ohne den Tod

Filmstill from WAS SOLL’N WIR DENN MACHEN OHNE DEN TOD by Elfi Mikesch

Sat 25.11.

  • Director

    Elfi Mikesch

  • Germany / 1994
    14 min. / 35 mm / Original version with English subtitles


Trauma – Memory: This story is told by the father of the boy: “My father wrote field letters. He did not come back from the war. I saw a hundred thousand letters falling from the sky in a dream. My boy doesn't know anything about World War II.” The letters are memory and trauma. Nobody talks about it. The boy still knows nothing of the legacy of all wars. The setting of this story is a former military airfield and its surroundings.”

  • Director

    Elfi Mikesch

  • FRG / 1979
    101 min. / DCP

Was soll’n wir denn machen ohne den Tod

(R)age: Elfi Mikesch, the director and cinematographer of Werner Schroeter, Rosa von Praunheim, and Monika Treut and other films, was part of a feminist, queer film circle in the 1970s and 1980s that oscillated between Hamburg, Berlin and New York, and also included filmmaker/performer Heinz Emigholz. Mikesch was herself responsible for several experimental, documentary, and feature films, some of which are now available in restored versions, on the occasion of her 80th birthday. WAS SOLL’N WIR DENN MACHEN OHNE DEN TOD is the cinematic homage to the elderly residents of a care home in Hamburg approaches the inner world of dementia with experimental sound and image montage, depicting the unconventional support of the young caretakers who manage to bridge the generations, and shedding light on the topic of love in old age by focusing on two old women who found each other in this home. (Clarissa Thieme)

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