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60 and More Films That Arsenal Audiences Should Have Seen (3)

Filmstill from SAMBIZANGA by Sarah Maldoror

This is the third part of a four-month multi-perspective film history program curated by Gaby Babić, Vaginal Davis, Madhushree Dutta, Kimberly Esposito, Victoria Leshchenko, Lisabona Rahman, Can Sungu, Clarissa Thieme as well as and representatives of three institutions: Tamer El-Said/Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre (Egypt), Filipa César/Mediateca Onshore (Guinea-Bissau) and Didi Cheeka/Lagos Film Society (Nigeria). The international curators have put together a selection of over 80 films that focus on certain obscure areas of film historiography. A series of keywords serve as orientation points this month: (Camera)Work, Working Girls, Vulnerability and Resistance, Trauma - Memory, (R)age as well as Resistance - Subverting - Surviving.

The program is part of ARSENAL 60 ff. and was made possible by a grant from the Capital Cultural Fund.

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