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Film still from BYE BYE BRASIL: A man stands in the doorway of a painted car equipped with a loudspeaker.

Sat 20.08.

Gypsy Lord, Salomé and Swallow cross Brazil aboard the Caravana Rolidei as they look for towns where television has not yet arrived to perform their tricks and charm the audiences. After a truck driver promises wonders in Altamira, they dream of a land where “everyone is rich” but only find a tragic scenario whereby the Amazon forest is being plundered and indigenous people are in dire need of help. With sharp humor and no shortage of irony, BYE BYE BRASIL presents a country full of contradictions and uncovers the colonial legacy we carry to this day. In an affectionate scene, Gypsy Lord tries to satisfy the so-called “dream of all Brazilians” by making it snow with coconut flakes, which might raise the question: what other dreams did we believe to be ours?

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