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Duoluo tianshi

Fallen Angels
Film still from FALLEN ANGELS: Close-up of a young woman with reddish-blond curls. She looks upwards, behind her people can be seen in a bar.

Fri 05.05.

Hong Kong two years before the handover of the territory by Britain to China. A young hitman, his agent, his ex-girlfriend Punkie, a mute petty criminal and a talkative woman named Cherry roam the neon-lit metropolis at night, without direction or a past and with an uncertain future. The five mavericks are connected to each other, as if in a mosaic. When their paths cross, the hustle and bustle of the city seem to stand still for a moment, the bright lights fade away. As if proposing a gloomy reverse of Chunking Express (1994), Wong places his ensemble of night loners in a claustrophobic world in dissolution. (mg)

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