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Education for Girls und Filme aus Mosambik

Film still from MANJACAZE. TEARS OF OUR HOPE: A woman sits on a porch with a baby on her lap. Behind her are three boys.

Tue 13.06.

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  • 30 nin. / DCP / Original version

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Rashin sani

In 2022, Justina Omojevwe Akporherhe stumbled on an unknown and uncataloged film, whose gender-based title, RASHIN SANI (Education for Girls), piqued her interest. The title is in Hausa language and suggests that multiple language versions exist. It’s likely that the film was produced by the Nigerian government during the postcolonial era. RASHIN SANI demonstrates how film was used to portray the lifestyle and culture in NIgeria after independence.

    Two films from Mozambique

    As part of her contribution to the 17th Istanbul Biennial, Catarina Simão promoted the digitization of two short 16mm films from the National Film Archive in Maputo, Mozambique, from the time of the Mozambican Civil War (1977–92). Due to the limited opportunities for professional digitization in Mozambique, the scanning and post-production were carried out in collaboration with the Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre in Cairo. The recovery of the short productions allowed for a fresh evaluation of the most important cinematographic archive in Mozambique through a lens of effort and trauma.

    Manjacaze. Tears of Our Hope Manjacaze. Lágrimas da nossa esperança Isabel
    Noronha, INC, Mozambique 1989 DCP engl. OF 9 Min.
    Suburban Dawn Madrugada Suburbana José Baptista, INC, Mozambique 1981
    DCP OF 11 Min

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