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Still from the film "Geographies of Solitude" by Jacquelyn Mills. We see a woman with a maroon sweater and a beige bucket hat walking with her back turned through a grassy and sandy landscape.
© Jacquelyn Mills

Sat 16.07.

  • Director

    Jacquelyn Mills

  • Canada / 2022
    103 min. / DCP / Original version with German subtitles

  • Original language


  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender

For GEOGRAPHIES OF SOLITUDE, experimental filmmaker Jacquelyn Mills traveled to Sable Island, an island in the Atlantic, to accompany the everyday life of Zoe Lucas there, who has been observing and cataloguing the island’s flora and fauna for decades on a voluntary basis. Mills’ 16mm camera captures wild horses, waves, freshwater pongs, and bizarrely deformed plastic waste. Sometimes she buries unexposed film stock among the roots and then edits it into her film. The island and its specific topography thus enter into a sort of co-authorship with the film. GEOGRAPHIES OF SOLITUDE becomes a film that happily and emphatically affirms the question of whether nonhuman entities can create art.

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