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Georges Méliès – Space films

Film still from LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE: The moon as a human face with binoculars stuck in one eye.

Wed 03.05.

Méliès' space shorts enter uncharted territory in several respects: explorers go to the moon or the sun, special effects facilitate new ways of perceiving outer space - the first science fiction films emerge. Classics such as LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE (A Trip to the Moon) or VOYAGE À TRAVERS L'IMPOSSIBLE (An Impossible Voyage) set the tone for space travel in film history, introducing themes such as encounters with extraterrestrials, inhospitable living conditions on alien planets, and psychic projections that direct the view of space.

La lune à un mètre F 1898 DCP 4 Min.
Le voyage dans la lune F 1902 kolorierte Fassung DCP 16 Min.
Voyage à travers l’impossible F 1904 kolorierte Fassung DCP 20 Min.
Au clair de la lune ou Pierrot malheureux F 1904 DCP 3 Min.
L’éclipse du soleil en pleine lune F 1907 DCP 9 Min.
Le rêve d’un fumeur d’opium F 1908 DCP 5 Min.

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