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In-Side-Out and Ginevra

Film still from GINEVRA. Close-up of a woman, in the background a face is projected on a screen.

Fri 17.06.

  • Director

    George Moorse

  • FRG / 1964
    16 min. / 16 mm

  • Original language



An early short film by George Moorse as a tribute to Gérard Vandenberg, who did the camera for it and for GINEVRA too.

  • Director

    Ingemo Engström

  • Germany / 1992
    142 min. / 35 mm / Original version with German subtitles

  • Original language

    German, French


“For me, GINEVRA is in many ways a sort of continuation of what I linked together thematically in NEUER ENGEL. WESTWÄRTS. To a certain extent, GINEVRA is centered upon an absent-present man of whom the leading actress at some point says. ‘he did something that no one else otherwise did. And for that, I love him’”. “The film’s actress Cécilia Linné is between two worlds, two men, two ideas. She cancels the ‘contract of society’ with its intertwining of love, work and money; but in also in this liberation, she is confronted with the two important male figures of her life.” (Engström) “This film is about the search for identity; of the struggle to bring the image of the woman into harmony with reality. The men that meet here correspond to the characters from the legend of King Arthur.” (Hans Schifferle).

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