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La bocca del lupo

The Mouth of the Wolf
Film still from LA BOCCA DEL LUPO: Monochrome coloured image of a man jumping into the sea.

Tue 02.08.

Pietro Marcello layers together different materials to create a portrait of the city of the Genoa, the audacious port city between two estuaries. This “mouth of the wolf” is the setting for the love between a Sicilian petty criminal and a transwoman, they met in prison and dream of bourgeois happiness. A story as if invented by the city, washed up there or revealed by accident. (Jan Künemund) – “Despite the rhythmic, almost dance-like montage, time rages like a storm tide through the staged, documentary and historical spaces of the film, wreaking havoc on the life of Mary and Enzo, scarcely before the narrative has emerged from the deep layerings of material, human, and sea. (Gunther Geltinger, sissy)

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