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Lecture: Why do we need to retell the Roma story now?

Key Visual from FilmRestored

Thu 26.10.

The film Tradaw (PL 2022), directed by Krzysztof Skonieczny and featuring Roma artist Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, is a cinematic response to its predecessor The Gypsy ROMANI Camp (PL 1955) by the renowned Polish documentary filmmaker, Władysław Ślesicki. The latter is a propagandist work about a Roma guitar player that perpetuates various Roma stereotypes and is told by an unknown narrator. Mirga-Tas’ iteration, told in a combination of Polish and Romani, takes a very different approach: she is both the narrator and protagonist of her own story and, by extension, she symbolically helps the guitar-playing protagonist regain his voice. The presentation juxtaposes Władysław Ślesicki’s documentary – a Roma representation by a non-Roma male director – with a new vision created by Roma artist Mirga-Tas. The focus is on the absence of Roma-owned and Roma-endorsed cinematic representation.

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