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KREUZWEG (Stations of the Cross, Dietrich Brüggemann, Germany 2014, 14.6., followed by a discussion with Dietrich Brüggemann and the filmmaker Stefan Kriekhaus) This film depicts the ordeals of the young Maria (Lea van Acken) in 14 stations and her collapse under the strict religious dogmatism of her parents.

SCHINDLERS HÄUSER (Schindler's Houses, Heinz Emigholz, Austria 2007, 16.6., followed by a discussion with Heinz Emigholz and Arno Brandlhuber) This film shows 40 constructions designed by the Austrian-American architect Rudolph Schindler from 1921 to 1952. The film creates a contemporary portrait of urban life in Los Angeles.

MARTA UND HILDA (Rosa von Praunheim, Germany 2012, 17.6.) Marta Feuchtwanger and Hilda Waldo devoted their lives to the work of Lion Feuchtwanger and faced certain challenges after his death.

CAN I BE YOUR BRATWURST, PLEASE? (Rosa von Praunheim, Germany 1999, 17.6., followed by a discussion with Rosa von Praunheim and other guests) This film came about for Regina Ziegler's "Erotic Tales" series and plays with California's obsession with beauty. A stanger from the Midwest comes to Hollywood, rents a room in a motel and becomes a heartthrob for all the guests. (ml)With the support of the German foreign ministry and the Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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