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Krzysztof Ptak (*1954) is considered like a painter among Polish cinematographers and was one of the first to start working with a digital camera. Since his studies at Łódź Film School at the end of the 1970s, he has made countless documentaries and fiction films. He also teaches at various film schools in Poland and around the world.

PAPUSZA (Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze, Poland 2013, 24.4., Guest: Krzysztof Ptak, cameraman) Embedded in the panorama of the story of Polish Roma, the film evokes the life of the first Polish Roma poet, Bronisława Wajs – Papusza. Born in eastern Poland in 1910, she was taught to read and write in secret by a Jewish bookseller. She started writing poetry after the Second World War. She became instantly famous when her poems were translated into Polish and was rejected by the Roma community. Filming in black-and-white and in Romani, the cameraman and director weave together different universes to pay homage to a great poet.

DOM ZŁY (The Dark House, Wojciech Smarzowski, Poland 2009, 25.4., Guest: Krzysztof Ptak, cameraman) Poland under Jaruzelski: An investigative police team occupies an abandoned house in the country at the beginning of the 1980s. A multiple murder took place here four years ago during a stormy night. The main suspect recreates the terrible events, amid vodka, cigarettes, bribes. Alternating constantly between time levels, the actual events  overlap with the machinations of the Polish police - a dark thriller with moments of absurdity and black humor.   Arkadiusz Tomiak (*1969) is one of the most versatile and innovative cameramen in recent Polish film. He graduated from Łódź Film School in 1995 and has since made over 30 films for cinema and television.

OBŁAWA (Manhunt, Marcin Krzyształowicz, Poland 2012, 28.4., Guest: Arkadiusz Tomiak, Cameraman) Poland, late autumn 1943: After the massacre of a partisan group, Wydra (the "otter") does everything he can to avenge the murder of his comrades. In an impenetrable  forest area - masterfully filmed by Tomiak - Wydra starts searching for those who are responsible. His search leads him to a former acquaintance (Maciej Stuhr) who is now married to Wydras ex-lover. Against the backdrop of their common past, the concepts of betrayal and heroism lose their definition.

STACJA WARSZAWA (Warsaw Stories, Director: Maciej Cuske, Kacper Lisowski, Nenad Mikovic, Mateusz Rakowicz, Tymon Wyciszkiewicz, Poland 2014, 29.4., Guest: Arkadiusz Tomiak) Five directors, six interwoven episodes about life in the Polish capital and its inhabitants, depicted by one cameraman, Arkadiusz Tomiak. A former prisoner, who has visions of Holy Mary, a shy businessman, a wistful saleswoman in a sex shop, a young girl from the provinces, a depressive alcoholic and a single woman whose lives are at the mercy of their employer are on the search for their place in society and in a constant struggle with life's incalculability. (mg) A collaboration between the Polish Institute in Poland and Nowe Horyzonty, with the friendly support of the Polish Film Institute (PISF), the Adam Mickiewicz Institute und the Polish Filmmakers Association. Under the patronage of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, European Film Academy.

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