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In her work, the artist Anne Quirynen makes tangible the body, with its manipulations, utopian expansions and upheavals. Inspired by movements of image, her new monograph (Revolver Publishing) experiments with their translation to book format. The leafing through pages brings movement to film processes, enabling Martian landscapes and the mines of Rio Tinto to pass before our eyes; as the book is filmed we stand between aquariums, in which the dancers of William Forsythe float as if in a diorama of a natural history museum. Through the darkness we discern from close up and afar two small queer men (Antonija Livingstone and Antonia Baehr), whose movements have been stopped. Images from Bombay, Ground Zero and Berlin revolve and become a choreography of Enno Poppes music and the pages. (stss) (15.4.)

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