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Two men who sleep in a blue tent in the middle of a white room. Abandoned bungalows made of concrete, once a holiday resort, now slowly decaying. A handful of red berries, glistening light that highlights the pattern on the mattress, shadows on the wall of the buildings; wild grass, the roar of the sea, the glow of the fire, the sound of the harmonica, an atmosphere of melancholy. ALL THE CITIES OF THE NORTH (2016), the feature debut by Dane Komljen (*1986), currently a DAAD grant-holder with Thomas Arslan at the Universität der Künste, draws on all the senses to explore a place that seems to have fallen out of time. From the former Yugoslavia and the modern architecture of the 20th century, he draws lines that reach all the way to Lagos and Brasilia via photos, underwater footage, and voiceover narration. A new arrival equally measures out the terrain, which will not leave the two princes undisturbed. (bik). (1.11.)

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