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Two time-travelling feature film debuts: Finely observed, not without humor - always with the present in sight. JASKÓŁKA (The Caged Swallow, Bartosz Warwas, PL 2014, 20.6., guest: Bartosz Warwas) Agnieszka was hoping to be reconciled with her father after 15 years but her return to her childhood home inadvertently becomes a journey through time to a repressed and equally charged period of her life. This impressive debut feature uses both humor and despair to give a precise insight into 1970s Poland. VABANK (Juliusz Machulski, PL 1981, 21.6., Introduction: Bartosz Warwas) Warsaw, 1934:the bank-robber Kwinto is released from jail after years inside. He would like to dedicate himself to jazz only, but he also has to plot his revenge: His former companion not only betrayed him but was also involved in his best friend's death. Machulski's debut was a multi-faceted gangster comedy that came out while Poland was under martial law. (mg)

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