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neugerriemschneider presents the group exhibition analog histories in primary colors featuring photographs by Sharon Lockhart, and sculptures by Mike Nelson and Simon Starling. With portrayals and relics of industry as points of departure, the works on view explore the shift from a manufacturing-based society to one centered around the service industry, engaging with the art historical canon, regional traditions, narrative devices and questions of identity. The exhibition will be on view from October 29 to November 30.
EXIT is filmed over a five-day workweek. Each of the five takes that comprise EXIT shows the long progression of workers leaving the Bath Iron Works at the end of their shift. Each take starts with a title card stating the day of the week, and then begins a daily routine that varies greatly from day to day. Reminiscent of Louis Lumiere's film, Leaving the Lumiere Factory, EXIT emphasizes the flow of time and the nuances of daily experience. (14.11.)

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