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The program of our virtual cinema www.arsenal-3-berlin.de makes direct reference to the activities carried out by our institution: the program of the Arsenal 1 & 2 cinemas at Potsdamer Platz, the titles that form part of our arsenal distribution range, or our Living Archive archival practice, which is rooted in both participation and production.

In October we will show three programs: “Pilz-Assoziationen” (Mushroom Associations) is a reference to OLANDA (Bernd Schoch, Germany 2019), which arsenal distribution will bring to cinemas on October 18. The “Archive außer sich” project will screen a series of films that deal with strategies in publishing. And two films revolving around the theme of voodoo will be shown as footnotes to Bertrand Bonello’s ZOMBI CHILD (France 2019), which opens our Bonello retrospective on October 2.

Mushroom Associations

At the center of OLANDA (Bernd Schoch, Germany 2019) is the mushroom as an economic commodity. In addition to the film’s theatrical release (Oct 18th), we will expand the audio-visual trip with four further films.

COUNTDOWN TO NOTHING  Lucile Desamory Germany 2004 OV 10'
A musical about two women’s journey through their psychedelic subconscious.

SEEKING THE MONKEY KING   Ken Jacobs   USA 2011   OV 40'
An animation of stereoscopic images is combined with furious commentary on the political situation in the USA and the country’s history as a driver of turbo-capitalism.

THE MERMAIDS, OR AIDEN IN  WONDERLAND   Karrabing Film Collective   Australia 2018   OV/EnS 26’
An intervention into current debates on the effects of climate change, extractive capitalism and industrial toxicity from the perspective of indigenous worlds.

JÍIBIE   Laura Huertas Millán   Colombia/France 2019   OV/GeS 24'
The film addresses the production of green coca powder and unveils the mythology of kinship: In the Muiná Muruí community, the coca plant is not a product but a sacred facilitator of connection, the beating heart of the collective body.

Prologue to an enquiry

In the context of the “Archive außer sich” project, Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis present three films as a prologue to a wider research into different publishing strategies and the contexts that gave rise to them.

Chris Marker interviews French leftist publisher and author François Maspero, in an investigation of the need to create a counter public, “contre-information” and “the role leftist intellectuals can play between militancy and information.”

CROP   Johanna Domke, Marouan Omara   Egypt/Germany 2013   OV 47'
CROP presents a first-person narration, composed out of 19 interviews with photographers and journalists, of a view into the state’s manufacturing of consent through an intimate look into one of Egypt’s foremost state-owned newspapers and it’s position during Egypt’s revolution in 2011.

LET THERE BE WHISTLEBLOWERS   Ken Jacobs   2005   OV 18’
The titular nod to whistle blowers in Ken Jacob’s film, composed of early 20th century footage of a stream train in motion, extends an invitation to reflect on the linearity of motion, progress, and perception, and in this context a reflection on the role of whistle blowers in our present political landscapes.

Footnote to Bertrand Bonello’s Retrospective

As a footnote to Bertrand Bonello’s film ZOMBI CHILD, the avant-premiere opening our showcase in Arsenal 1 on October 2nd, the online arsenal 3 cinema will show two medium-length films from our archive that deal with voodoo.

CHANTS AND DANCES FOR HAND   Larry Gottheim   Haiti/USA 2016   OV 39’
The film unfolds a series of Haitian stories and voodoo rites, with interwoven tonal and visual elements forming an associative montage.

DIVINE HORSEMEN: THE LIVING GODS OF HAITI   Maya Deren, Teiji & Cherel Ito   1947–1951, 1977  OV 50’
Both a chronicle of Maya Deren’s travels in Haiti and a cinematic exploration of Haitian dance. Her recordings of various ritual acts and practices were made between 1947 and 1951 and were put together into this film by Teiji & Cherel Ito after her death. The title stems from the belief that the spirit Loa “mounts” the dancers like a rider mounts a horse, a form of possession that is demonstrated by the superhuman movements that the dancers’ bodies then perform.

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