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Jagoda Szelc presents her feature-length debut as well as a classic of Polish cinema. WIEŻA. JASNY DZIEŃ (Tower. A Bright Day, Jagoda Szelc, PL 2017, 23.3.) It is Nina’s communion and the whole family turns up to celebrate in an idyllic country house, including  Mula’s sister Kaja. What follows is not idyllic at all. Instead of receiving a welcome, Kaja, who suddenly disappeared six years ago, is issued a series of commandments. Above all, she should by no means indicate that she is Nina’s real mother. A Kammerspiel of suspicions, suppressed aggression, silenced truths and unexpected twists.

NIKT NIE WOŁA (Nobody’s Calling, Kazimierz Kutz, PL 1960, 24.3.) Bożek, a member of the Polish Home Army is on the run after refusing to take up arms against the “Reds”. He finds refuge in the “recovered territories” of western Poland, which are full of refugees and  displaced people. This is where he meets Lucyna and from then on, his life fluctuates between happiness and fear.

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