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The future of film and the future of work have a common origin in the early work "Workers Leaving the Factory" by the Lumière brothers from 1895. Since then, industrialization has become the present - and today it is already history again. The title "Work in Progress- Cinematographies of Labor" is doubly synonymous with the processuality of the labor society and cinematographic stocktaking.

The book includes chapters on theory, cinematic practice, and film index. It is a reference work for over 400 films of all genres and formats. They show the transformation of the working society in documentary, artistic and fictional images, shot in all continents. A journey across the current landscape of cultural cinema work in Germany stops at 36 locations where film programs were shown as part of "Work in Progress." The film makers have their say on their - often voluntary - work behind the screens, from Hamburg to Bad Tölz, from Cologne to Görlitz. This homage to cinema work is complemented by seven exemplary texts that examine the field of tension between film, cinema and work from a film-theoretical perspective.

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