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Michale Boganim's lyrical documentary picks up on the theme of vanishing Jewish culture which she introduced in her short film "Dust", screended in the Forum three years ago. The three-part film depics a journey from the Ukraine to 'Little Odessa' in Brooklyn/New York and Ashdod in Israel, where the Jewish émigrés are surprised to discover the are seen as Russians.

"All my characters are in a search. An existential search for a possible elsewhere, a magnified elsewhere. They go, they come, but they universe is anchored to an unreal Odessa. At the same time, those which are in Odessa also live in exile and fantasize about an ideal place, America, Israel. Finally, all wander permanently, without end. They live in the absence of a place. And this absence becomes an obsessive figure, that of the film. The opening of the film is done on a symbolic figure system, the exact memory of the film. It arrives, having already lived the voyage towards which it is taking us. One begins the film with his memories, the remainder, is it his memory, his imagination or his view? All that merges." Michale Boganim

Production: Moby Dick Films (Paris), Transfax (Tel Aviv)

Screenplay: Michale Boganim

Editors: Valerio Bonelli, Koby Nathanael

Cinematographer: Jakob Ihre

Sound: Antoine Brochu, Barnaby Templer

Sound design: Barnaby Templer, Phillipe Ciompi

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.85, Color

Running time: 96 Minuten, 25 frames/sec.

Language: Hebrew, Russian

Funded by:

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