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Mirjana returns to Croatia. She is pregnant. She went to Germany as a refugee. But now that the war in Croatia is over and her visa has expired, Mirjana goes back to her family in a remote and devastated village. Her family makes an effort to get on with their lives after the war. They rebuild their house and try to find the pregnant Mirjana a new husband. Being patriarchal and devoted to tradition, they believe a woman needs to have a husband and a child has to have a father. Of course, the child and the father have to be of the same nationality. The problems start when Mirjana gives a birth to a boy with Asian features.

"'Sorry for Kung Fu' is a comedy about a xenophobic Croatian family that encounters their worst nightmare: a child born to their daughter has Asian features. This satire takes place just after the recent war in the former Yugoslavia – a war that was sparked by far smaller ethnic differences – which gives the film a further ironic element. In this comic drama, everything is turned upside down. Things quickly get out of control, yet our heroes, driven by their beliefs, are hardly aware of that. Nothing works the way they want and this creates both comic and tragic situations. One of the characters is Marko, Mirjanas younger brother. He serves as the catalyst that brings an additional touch to the story and elevates it beyond the level of a comedy of errors. Marko likes to play electric guitar, especially music from the 1960s. His musical activity is the only connection the film has with the pop culture of today. Marko sticks out as a step towards the future. Bleak scenery adorned with scattered houses and underlined by the rough sound of the 1960s played on a cheap guitar are the image and the sound of this film." Ognjen Sviličić

Production: HRT/Croatian Television

Screenplay: Ognjen Sviličić

Cinematographer: Vedran Samanović

Composer: Ognjen Sviličić, Maro Market

Cast: Daria Lorenci, Vera Zima, Filip Rados, Vedran Mlikota, Luka Petrusic

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.66, Color

Running time: 71 min., 24 frames/sec.

Language: Croatian

Funded by:

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