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An isolated orphanage, the "House of Angels". In a cruel attempt to save money, the director of the orphanage tries to prevent the children in her care from eating. Distorting words from the Bible, she brainwashes the children into believing that God will frown on them whenever they eat. Obediently, the children hold back their appetites until it gets to the point where they cant bear their hunger any longer. Ashamed of their sin, they eat in secret, under the bed or in the bathroom. However, Sung-il, unlike all the other kids, is plump. The children despise him, assuming that he is a selfish glutton who has discovered a way of getting food. His determination to fast seems hypocritical to others. An exemplary student who tries to follow the director's doctrine, he still is left without friends – except for Kap-soo.

One day, two other students, gossipy Min-gee and Young-ae, are punished. Because of the director's doctrine, the worst punishment in the "House of Angels" is eating openly in public. As they are forced to eat openly and in public, a mass vomiting occurs. The only one who is not affected is Sung-il and for that, he gets punished. In the nick of time, Boss and Kap-soo instigate an uprising and Sung-il manages to escape the indignity of the orphanage during the confusion. Christmas approaches and its snowing on the streets. In his first time out in the city, he discovers to his amazement that people are eating openly in restaurants without shame. Shocked by what he sees, he refuses food that people offer him. Confused and surprised, he keeps wandering through the city.

Production: Shinjaneland, Seoul

Screenplay, Editor, Producer: Shin Jane

Cinematographer: Yeo Chul-su, Jung Sang-hoon

Composer: Baek Seung-joo

Cast: Cho Hyun-sik, Ye Soo-jung, Moon Seul-ye, Woo Joon-young, Jung Young-soo

Format/screen ratio: Digi Beta PAL, b/w and color

Running time: 103 min.

Language: Korean

Funded by:

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