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"Before we went there, many of our friends suggested that our film would capture the beauty and sentiment of Fengjie, 'the town of poetry'. Some of the most-recited poems in Chinese history were written there, the Three Gorges themselves are a poem of nature, and the locals create poems every day. We said, sure! Poetry is central to our creative work and would be the theme of our film. But once we were there, it appeared impossible to respond with poetry to the tears of a war veteran, or to portray the daily lives of a group of porters who live in squalor, like dogs. Everyone was talking about one thing: home. Home is the only important thing and the most valuable. Even in the church, each song sung spoke of home." Li Yifan and Yan Yu

Production: Fan & Yu Documentary Studio (Chongqing)

Cinematographer: Yan Yu

Editors: Li Yifan, Yan Yu

Sound: Li Zi

Format: Digi Beta PAL, Color

Running time: 150 min., 25 frames/sec.

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Funded by:

  • Logo Minister of State for Culture and the Media
  • Logo des Programms NeuStart Kultur