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"The film was shot with a selection of interviews, documentary excerpts, and lectures – from material almost extirpated or dolled up – in a rhythm like the pulsing of the blood. Laura Betti found a way to make the poet once again seem like a contemporary, as he was in the 1960 for those who tried to understand and act. The film is like an encounter. Mysteriously, the 'messier' the material is – found pieces from TV broadcasts, Super8 or video footage – the shabbier the material on which the voice and image are captured, even when the camera does not move, the more directly do his words affect us: political statements, moral discourses, lessons in film technique, spoken behind the camera, memories of childhood, poetic texts whose words are not yet final. The film manages to connect a seemingly very distant epoch with today. This was not the film's intention (Laura Betti says she even tried to avoid timeliness), but in the result, Pasolini's words still point out a possible path to take today." Silvana Silvestri

"Laura Betti's film is a personal testimony to her relationship to Pasolini's life and work and at the same time a contribution to defining Pasolini's timeliness in a new way. The film has not found its way to Germany before. Now this is a step to make it known in the German-speaking world, to make it available in the long term, and at the same time it is an homage to Pasolini and Laura Betti, who was dear to us as a brilliant actress and great mediator, and whose memory we will cherish." Ulrich Gregor

Production: Palomar, Stream, MC4, Arte

Screenplay: Laura Betti

Co-author: Pasquale Plastino

Cinematographer: Fabio Cianchetti

Sound: Fabio Ceretti, Stefano Chierchié

Composer: Bruno Moretti

With: Paolo Volponi, Francesca Archibugi, Bernardo Bertolucci, Andrea De Sica, Mimmo Calopresti, Mario Cipriani and others

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.85, b/w und Color

Running time: 93 min., 24 frames/sec.

Language: Italian

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