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Kamali is a middle-aged employee who, after his wife's death, confronts many basic problems like food, clothing, punctuality etc. He returns to his work, a very familiar and typical atmosphere. He becomes isolated. He finds out that he has to adopt himself to his new situation. His basic needs make him indifferent to all happening around in his soci­ety, from social issues like robbery, addiction, pros­titution to political issues like urban conflicts, stu­dent debates and. He has problems to face his friends, colleagues and relatives. He thinks he finds relative comfort through visiting his wife’s tomb but the annoying presence of the family and his new psychological condition stops him. "A film in which the main character does not speak. A film with a hero who is as numbed as his surround­ings, his home. Nasser Refaie uses the young widow­er Kamali to reflect the paralysis of his country. "Another Morning" follows this man on his way through a bleak and anonymous existence while the camera gives an incidental and unexpected insight into Iranian society. Through the eyes of Kamali, we see young men who sell drugs on the street; we see how fewer newspapers are sold on the streets because the censors shut them down; how the police chase young members of the opposition. Other taboo subjects such as pickpocketing and adultery are broached. "Another Morning" shows a side of Iranian daily life that the official images do not." Anke Leweke

Production: Nasser Refaie Film Production, Teheran

World Sales: Iranian Independents, Teheran

Screenplay: Nasser Refaie

Editor, Producer, Art Director: Nasser Refaie

Cinematographer: Farzad Jodat

Sound: Hossein Mahdavi, Nasser Refaie

Cast Majid Jalilian, Raya Nasiri, Nezam Manouchehri, Manouchehr Mobasser

Format: 35mm, 1:1.85, Color

Running time: 90 min., 24 frames/sec.

Language: Farsi

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