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Huang Guangliang arrives in Beihai while searching for a man named Li Chonggao. But he learns that this man has already left for someplace else. Instead, Huang meets Yu Ran, who is also looking for Li Chonggao. Huang Guangliang, who is strongly drawn to Yu Ran, is curious to know about her relationship with Li Chonggao. He joins her in looking for Li Chonggao and watches her carefully in the process; she appears to have a secret. "Telling a story, the film reminds one of Michelangelo Antonioni's "The Adventure" (1961), but it delves deeper inside the inner aspects of confused and desolate humans. A strong impression of lonely despair is made with Zhang Ming's style of direction that makes even an ordinary scene of people having a conversation into a scene of alienation." Kim Young-jin "The event is the pregnancy. For example, thirty years ago in China, an unmarried girl who got pregnant would inevitably suffer personal tragedy. She would be discriminated against and would have a very difficult time living in society. Things have changed a lot today. The fact of a pregnancy has become a more private matter. The conditions dictated by reality change every minute. Realism and contemporaneity are the best qualities we strived for in our film. To reflect reality, to deeply grasp life, feeling, and the perplexity of the contemporary era, that is the starting point of our film." Zhang Ming

Production + World Sales: V-Talent Film & Video Culture Development Co. Ltd.

Screenplay: Qin Haiyan

Cinematographer: Xu Wei

Art Direction: Wang Hanjun

Composer: Wen Zi

Cast: Liao Zhong, Huang Guangliang, Xu Baihui, Huang Lu, Huang Xiaxi Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.85, Color

Running times: 104 minutes, 24 frames/sec.

Language: Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese)

Funded by:

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