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Smadar and Mirit, both 18 years old, are assigned to patrol the streets of Jerusalem together as part of their military service. They are assigned to detain any Palestinian passersby, check their papers, and register their details on special forms. However, the two young girls are immersed in the details of their own lives – their romantic crushes, their breakups, and the multifaceted relationship evolving between the two of them. Then one day, Jerusalem's political reality is forced upon them. "Many films dealing with the army issue in Israel were made based on the experiences of men. Not even one film was made based on the experiences of women, in spite of the fact that they were always present. We have both decided that it was high time their story, ours, had to be told. As women who live in Israel, we nourish the military myth like every other citizen of the country. We live alongside the fighting male figures; we fulfill the roles of mothers, wives, girlfriends and military comrades; we support them and are supposed to become like them. Renouncing this pattern is perceived as betrayal. However, as we do not actually operate from within the myth but rather alongside it, we can question the relevancy of the military service to our own lives." Dalia Hager, Vidi Bilu

Production + World Sales: Transfax Film Production

Screenplay: Dalia Hager, Vidi Bilu

Cinematographer: Yaron Scharf

Art Direction: Avi Fahima

Costume Design: Li Alembik

Composer: Yontan Bar Giora

Sound: Itai Elohev, Aviv Aldema

Editor: Joelle Alexis

Cast: Smadar Sayar, Naama Schendar, Irit Suki, Katia Zimbris, Ami Weinberg, Danny Geva

Format/screen ratio: 35mm (shot on HD), 1:1.78, Color

Running time: 90 minutens, 25 frames/sec.

Languages: Hebrew, Arabic

Funded by:

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