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"Combat" is the third and last part of the filmed diary started by Patrick Carpentier in 2003 and entitled "The irreg­ularity of the tearing". Two young men fight with each other. They hit each other very hard. But their fight­ing remains an act of love. There is no prize. There is no winner. There is no pride. A voice-over narrator tells a strange story in which he rediscovers the extent of his desire. Questions arise: does one inflict pain on the other or on oneself? How can we let go in a world in which we are taught not to let ourselves be pushed around? Combat is a dissection of pain, of abandonment. "Filmed diary as a passage from documentary to fic­tion: My first film, a 16mm video-clip shot for the rock band Venus, is the only completely fictional film I ever directed. Since then, all my films have been leaning towards documentary, either experimental or more formal, such as "La peur tue l'amour". For "The irregularity of the tearing", I surprised myself by letting the manufacturing of my films evolve: an exclusive focus on editing with "God is a Dog", built around Super8 images shot well before the produc­tion of the film, and day-to-day shooting directly based on my life's moments for "The 9 Tuesdays". A small part of the collective unconscious, finding its place into my imaginary world. Desire, pain and abandonment: "Combat" is mostly the story of an unexpected encounter that stirred my desire, a merg­er of violence and tenderness. A sensual encounter pushing desire into its last entrenchments." Patrick Carpentier

Production + Contact: Thank You & Good Night productions

Screenplay: Patrick Carpentier

Cinematographer: Colin Lévêque

Score: I'm a Horse

Editor: Méline Van Aelbrouck

Producer: Geneviève De Bauw

Cast: Léo Joris, Tomas Matauko

Format/screen ratio: Digi Beta, 1:1.33, Color

Running time: 57 minutes, 25 frames/sec.

Language: France

Foto: © Anne Sophie Noël

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