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For four months, Allan King and his crew accompa­nied a group of residents of Toronto's Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care. They live there due to impairment of their cognitive abilities. Lost, Max Trachter walks Baycrest's corridors until he finds Claire Mandel, his sweetheart. Together with Claire's family and her friend Ida Orliffe, Max celebrates Claire's eighty­ninth birthday. The hard part comes when Claire's family leaves. Helen Mosten-Growe, once an attrac­tive, highly successful business woman, kicks at her nurses. She expresses her rage at her daughter for putting her in Baycrest through violence. Sobbing, Fay Silverman tells a nurse how much she misses her family. She hates Baycrest and wants out. "Once again, King employs his discreet, hands-off vérité technique to observe the outward manifesta­tions of an internal process, but such is the intima­cy he establishes with his subjects that, the longer you watch them and the better you come to know them, the more strangely familiar their particular forms of memory loss take – it's like the neurologi­cal version of fingerprints. This knowledge comes purely from intense observation – both the filmmaker's and ours: we can't know what's going on behind those faces, but we can know the faces themselves, and they're as revealing as anything yielded by state-of-the-art medical technology. While that may be as close as documentary can get to anything like the truth, it's close enough." Geoff Pevere

Production: Allan King Associates Ltd., TV Ontario, Toronto

Producer: Allan King

Cinematographer: Peter Walker Musik: Robert Carli

Sound: Jason Milligan

Editor: Nick Hector

With: Claire Mandell, Max Trachter, Ida Orliffe, Fay Silverman, Rachel Baker

Format, screen ratio: Digi Beta PAL, 16:9, Color

Running time: 112 minutes

Language: English

Funded by:

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