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"Twenty-five years ago (in 1980), I began a film, "House", by observing the (re)construction of a house in West Jerusalem as a metaphor for the city and its inhabitants – mostly Jews and Arabs, Palestinians and Israelis. In this first film, the house was a sort of open archeological site – a human archeological site. In the second film, "A House in Jerusalem", which I began in 1995, fifteen years after the first chapter, the focus was extended, shifted right and left, up and down towards the house's neighbors and the archeo­logical sites buried below the earth's surface. In this one, "News From Home/News from House", which could be called "The House Turns Twenty-five", I wanted to widen the perimeters of my observation to diasporas, to those links to the original inhabi­tants of the house by their family history. These twenty-five years follow the changes in fortune of a house in Jerusalem, in Dor Dor ve Dor Shav Street, meaning "Each Generation and its Masters Street". Today, where does the family of Haim Barkai, the new owner of the house, live? What has become of the Dajani family, the original owners, evicted in 1948, scattered around the world from Canada to Amman, from Beirut to Kuwait and the countries of the Persian Gulf? What do the people say today who thought it would be possible, by studying medicine or law, and not only thanks to politics, to create a modern Muslim and Palestinian family tribe?" Amos Gitai

Production: Agav Films, Hamon Hafakot, Agat Films, Artemis Productions, Arte France, YLE TV2

World Sales: Cinephil,Tel Aviv

Screenplay: Amos Gitai

Cinematographers: Haim Assias, Nurith Aviv, Vladimir Truchovski, Emanuel Aldema

Sound: Ravid Dvir, Alex Claude, Oleg Kaiserman, Michel Kharat, Oded Hornik

Research: Ayelet Tamari, Jameel Khoury

Editors: Isabelle Ingold, Nili Richter, Rina Ben Melech

Format, screen ratio: HD, 1:1.66, Color

Running time: 96 Minutes, 25 frames/sec.

Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, English, French

Funded by:

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