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In an institute for violence studies, Tracey Niles struggles to reconnect with her lost memory. She is haunted by a silhouette. The image of a perpetrator? To whom she fell victim? The current institute director, Reena Chandrakali, is leading a "self-defense against hate violence" campaign for the distribution of firearms throughout "sexual minority" communities. Faith Eatherton is developing a philosophical treatise: "Dissipated: Reaching for the Bodyless." Her discovery of Tracey's true past casts doubt in her mind about her own function within the institute and about Chandrakali's representational politics. Harnessing the forces of memory, representation and becoming, these three figures are determined to find satisfaction according to their changing attractions and desires, some which lead to one-another and some which lead into the open.

Production: fabrik Potsdam

Screenplay, Camera, Editing, Production: Stefan Pente, William Wheeler

Music: Stefan Pente

Cast: Alessio Bonaccorsi, Sofia New, Stefan Pente, William Wheeler

Format: DigiBeta, Color

Running time: 86 min.

Language: English

Funded by:

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