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It's rare for Sun-Woo to say anything other than "I'm sorry". After messing up the rendezvous with his girlfriend and making the usual promises that it won't happen again, he still ends up at the next drinking session anyway.

It's as if you can find them all over the world, those 30-year olds or roundabout, who are simply unwilling to grow up, the young wanna-be poet Sun-woo from Seoul being a prime example. He refuses to take any sort of responsibility, lives for the moment and has proved himself incapable of forming relationships. As Sun-woo drifts through the streets and bars of the Korean capital, he reminds us somewhat of the layabouts of the Nouvelle Vague; his refusal to conform seems like act of defiance against a society that puts its young people under constant pressure to succeed. He also goes in search of new types of relationships, but his own romantic ideas of love always stand in his way. Although So Sang-min views his drifting hero in a consciously laconic manner, you can still feel that he has sympathy for him. I'm in Trouble! is a comedy with tragic undertones about someone who refuses to bow to efficiency, the calmness of the shots working like an antidote to the hectic nature of the Korean capital.
Anke Leweke

Production: Korean Academy of Film Arts, Seoul

Screenplay: So Sang-min

Camera: Ou Tae-seok

Cast: Min Sung-wook, Lee Seung-jun, Jeong Ji-yeon, Kim Joo-ryung

Format: HDCam, color

Running time: 98 min.

Language: Korean

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