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Opening reception Friday 11.02. 20:00

daily 11:00-22:00

a bar IST a garden IST a café IST a reading room

Germany/Canada 2011

Kika Thorne has asked Prinzessinnengarten (Nomadisch Grün) and b_books to join her in this project. These organizations represent a multitude of other remarkable initiatives scattered across Berlin. It is her hope that in this verdant combination, a bar, a garden, a café and a reading room, that the cultural workers, the filmmakers, critics, artists and audience members will find one another, sit down, and that here, they will come to life. It’s a simple gesture: Berlin-style outdoor tables, beers, some conversation, winter greens.

approx. 10m x 11m x 4m, Soil, water, nitrogen, potassium, mint, books, magazines, plastic crates, plywood, screws, a fridge, etc.

Installation by Prinzessinnengarten (Nomadisch Grün), b_books and Kika Thorne.

In cooperation with the Embassy of Canada.


Canada 2011

“Kika Thorne’s constructivist installation parasitically claims the space it occupies through magnetic opposition. Deftly extending their potential, materials commercially available in the dressmakers shop and hardware store take a tensile hold on the architecture of the gallery, forming a model of an impossible physics for the viewer to contemplate.”

Moritz Gaede

dimensions variable, lycra, rare earth magnets, aircraft cable, hardware.

Funded by:

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