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AT THE BACK or Through the Looking Glass and What Mrs. Mograbi Found There
Live music score by Noam Enbar, Adan Schaflan, Ariel Armoni and Yoni Silver lyrics by Lewis Carroll played to a video by Avi Mograbi.

The then (1999) Mrs. Mograbi, is a spectator spectated, wandering in an easily recognizable foreign land of wonders. Her seemingly unceasing curiosity reminds us of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, whereas she is much less penetrable, more hard-to-get. The new soundtrack, implying her enigma, but also simply coloring the visible world around her, is perhaps tyring to echo this play of mirrors – between Mrs. and Mr. Mograbi. On one level, Mrs. Mograbi’s back represents us, the spectators of this fantastic man-made world. However, due to her being shut down, detached from the storyteller/documentarist, our own digressing gaze is endlessly redirected back to her nape. It is not so much a music of the depicted surrounding world nor of the absorbing mind but of this drifting, distant encounter between the two.

A live four-screen video composition by Avi Mograbi

The details is a live video composition containing a series of scenes from and concerning the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in 1967, screened simultaneously on four screens. Mostly scenes that were shot for and used in previous films by Avi Mograbi are presented here to create a non-linear parralel chaotic space, a disturbing representation of the filmmaker’s view of the reality in the Occupied Territories and of the act of documenting it.

At the Back/The Details is presented with the kind support of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm (DAAD.)

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