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PANORAMIS PARAMOUNT PARANORMAL is a film essay whose subject is the history of a specific place within the history of film, and the history of certain films related to this place. The installation can be considered a preface, a first chapter, consisting of a short trailer and of three prologues of various lengths for the planned feature film production (To Live With Ghosts; Four Times a Forest; Comparing Local Specters); as well as including photographs and archival materials. The project focuses on the site of the former film studios of St. Maurice near Paris, founded in 1913 and destroyed by fire in 1971. Later, the apartment complex Le Panoramis was built there.
Within a multitude of different specific or associative aspects, such as casting situations, birds, the film studio St Maurice, ghosts, and film references, PANORAMIS PARAMOUNT PARANORMAL investigates the role of cinema concerning the production of memory and recollection, and it poses the question of what it is that one will have to reckon with if one refuses to remember. Which form is it that the work against forgetting needs to adopt, and how is it possible to live peacefully with the specters – and is that even desirable, after all? Derrida replies, that one has no other option than to learn to live with the ghosts, in whichever way: apprendre à vivre avec les fantômes.

Constanze Ruhm, born in 1965 in Vienna, is a video artist and art professor at Akademie der bildenden Künste (Vienna). She lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.
Emilien Awada, born in 1988 in France, is a filmmaker, editor, and photographer. He lives and works in Paris.

Cast: Laurent Lacotte, Caroline Peters, Judith van der Werff, Frank Dehner
Camera: Emilien Awada
Editor: Emilien Awada
Colour correction: Alexandre Lelaure
Sound Mix: David Ansalem
Sound Design: Arnaud Marten
Music: Gaël Segalen
Make-up: Anne Verhaugue
Text: Constanze Ruhm
Concept: Constanze Ruhm, Emilien Awada
Format: DCP, color,  4-channel video installation, sound, posters, research material
Running time
: 59 min
: German

Funded by:

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