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Presented as a 2-part video installation, Martin Ebner’s piece investigates the spatial and temporal experiences that are connected to a fictitious cinema space. This space can be seen as an imaginary, inner, and mental state of mind. A feeling of floating is created for the spectator by a screen that smoothly and steadily glides up and down in the background. In close range, a different projection screen presents the “program,” which is stretched in time and consists of short, very short, and medium-length sound and image fragments as well as regular breaks in the sound and image. The fragmentary use of time, unusual for conventional models of perception, allows the spectator’s mind to stray, and at the same time the object-like quality of the two projection surfaces and their respective projectors come more and more to the fore, especially when the screen remains dark or when there happens to be no sound. During the course of events, there will be no beginning and no end, which eventually means that the duration of the work could be anything from a few seconds to a couple of days. This video installation turns into a specific walkable space, to which you can react. Through its exemplary dissection of some of the basic elements of the cinematographic experience it describes the possibility of a reserved and complex audiovisual presence.

Martin Ebner was born in Austria in 1965 and lives in Berlin and Hamburg. He studied Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Vienna and Visual Media at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His work draws on film, video, sound, sculpture, installations, room installations, text, music, and economic criticism. He publishes on a regular basis, is involved a range of communication projects, is the co-runner of the JAZZCLUB, Berlin as well as co-editor of the magazine STARSHIP. In 2005, he designed the exhibition project “Poor Man’s Expression” in the foyer of the Filmhaus at Potsdamer Platz together with Florian Zeyfang.

Contact: martinebner.org
Format: 2-channel video installation
Running time
: 42 min
Language: Without dialogue

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