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The adventure of Melissa and Gustavo starts aboard a red cargo ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. It takes them from Brazil to Berlin, a city of perpetual movement, where the old constantly has to give space to the new. The couple finds a home and transforms it into the center of their own universe. As time passes and seasons change, life and cinema become interchangeable and their apartment evolves into an ever-changing stage, where friends are invited to play their own roles and reality and fiction merge. Until one day a cosmic portal appears in their home, opening connections between the past, the present and the future.

Drawing from autobiography as well as fantasy, Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn weave their experiences in Berlin into a colorful tapestry of memories, encounters, and dreams. The duo poses filmmaking as a communal as well as a personal endeavor, and themselves as travelers between distant places, both geographically and temporally, on a journey transcending space and time.

Melissa Dullius, born in 1981 in Porto Alegre, and Gustavo Jahn, born in 1980 in Florianópolis, have formed the artist duo Distruktur since 2006, when they moved together from South Brazil to Berlin. Distruktur's body of work takes form as films, photographs, film performances, music, text, and graphics. It crosses the borders between art and film, experimental and narrative, photography and moving image.

Production: Distruktur, Berlin; If You Hold a Stone, Rio de Janeiro
Screenplay: Melissa Dullius, Gustavo Jahn
Camera: Ville Piippo
With: Melissa Dullius, Gustavo Jahn, Lilja Löffler, Nikolaus Tscheschner, Mei Wright, Steve Nietz, Annika Sörling, Friederike Frerichs, Eckhard Stritzel
Format: DCP, Color & Black/White
Running time: 72 min
Language: Portuguese, German, English, Japanese

Photo: © Distruktur, If You Hold a Stone

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