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Sound installation, modified police light, video projection, 10 min. English.

Half Blue is part of Joe Namy’s long-term poetic exploration on the colors, tones, and language that have emerged around the increasing militarization of police and the greater impact of this aggression, specifically on the artist’s family, friends, and community. The sound piece addresses the many forms of injustice that are symptomatic of aggressive policing, from direct physical violence on communities held suspect, or as systematic violence from a justice system that values certain lives, skin tones, and cultural groups over others.
In Half Blue, Namy offers a space for contemplation, a space to honor those who have fallen victim to this type of injustice, and a space to celebrate strategies for coping and resilience.

Joe Namy, born in 1978 in Lansing, USA, is an artist, composer, and educator based between London and Beirut. His work often addresses identity, memory, and power structures embedded in sound/music; and has shown internationally in galleries, museums, film festivals, and public performances. Half Blue marks his forth appearance in Forum Expanded.

Production Joe Namy, Amal Khalaf. Production companies Joe Namy (London, United Kingdom), Amal Khalaf (London, United Kingdom). Director Joe Namy.


2008: Locusts (10 min.). 2009: People Not Places (12 min.), Jnoub / South Lebanon (12 min.). 2010: Detroit Summer (4 min.), Foreclosure Reversal (4 min.), Under the Shade of Apprehension (7 min.). 2014: Testify (6 min.), Half Step (1 min., Forum Expanded 2014). 2015: Dive (5 min.), Stones Gods People (5 min., Forum Expanded 2016). 2017: Purple, Bodies in Translation – Part II of A Yellow Memory from the Yellow Age (15 min., Forum Expanded 2017). 2019: Half Blue.

Photo: © Joe Namy

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