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Für die Vielen – Die Arbeiterkammer Wien

For The Many – The Vienna Chamber Of Labour
  • Director

    Constantin Wulff

  • Austria / 2022
    120 min. / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language

    German, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Hungarian

The red fist in the foyer marks Vienna’s Chamber of Labour as a historic achievement of the labour movement. The need for legal representation of workers’ interests in the post-migrant era and a digital present marked by the pandemic shows that this idea is hardly obsolete: the reception desk is always bustling. The clients are diverse, and the services on offer varied: there are few barriers to access them. Friendly interaction and a committed attitude are the order of the day. In the style of participatory observation, FÜR DIE VIELEN offers cleverly assembled glimpses into the institution’s daily activities, ranging from labour law consultations via team meetings and cultural events to the presentation of economic analyses of wealth distribution. The concept of the welfare state is rendered visible here, just as the picture of a society emerges where social discrimination is commonplace. When preparations to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the chamber’s founding collide with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the internal organisation of crisis mode takes centre stage – and new challenges for the world of work become apparent. The idea must be kept alive, #forever. (Birgit Kohler)

Constantin Wulff, born in 1962. After studying history and journalism and later film direction, he began to work as a producer, dramaturg, curator, writer and director. Since 1993 he has made a number of documentaries, most recently Wie die anderen (2015).

Production Johannes Rosenberger, Johannes Holzhausen, Constantin Wulff. Production company Navigator Film (Wien, Austria). Written and directed by Constantin Wulff. Cinematography Johannes Hammel, Michael Schindegger. Editing Dieter Pichler. Sound Andreas Hamza, Claus Benischke-Lang. Assistant directors Catrin Freundlinger, Olga Kosanović. Line producer Monika Lendl.

World sales Cercamon

Films: 1993: Spaziergang nach Syrakus (co-directed by Lutz Leonhardt, 65 min.). 2002: Heldenplatz, 19. Februar 2000 (60 min.). 2008: In die Welt (88 min.). 2014: Ulrich Seidl und die bösen Buben (52 min.). 2015: Wie die anderen (95 min.). 2022: Für die Vielen – Die Arbeiterkammer Wien / For the Many – The Vienna Chamber of Labour.

Bonus Material

Essay, Director's Statement, and Background

  • Film still from "For the Many – The Vienna Chamber of Labour" by Constantin Wulff: In the entrance hall of an office building, a man is cleaning the gate. To the right, there is a sculpture: A big, red fist.


    In "Crisis-Proof” Eva Hohenberger explores whether film portraits of institutions in fact highlight them more as organisations.

  • Still from the film "For the Many – The Vienna Chamber of Labour" by Constantin Wulff: A man in a seminar room is sitting and pointing to a flip chart with notes on it

    Director's Statement

    Constantin Wulff on the Austrian Chamber of Labour and his Cinematic Method.

  • Still from the film "For the Many – The Vienna Chamber of Labour" by Constantin Wulff: In the lobby of an office building, two men in work wear and one man in office attire are sitting on a bench, looking at something off camera.


    In “Champion of the Working People”, Florian Wenninger tells the short history of Austria’s Chamber of Labour.

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