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Terra que marca

Striking Land
Still from the film "Terra que marca (Striking Land)" by Raul Domingues. Close-up of the legs of a women farmer walking through the field. In the left hand corner we see a hoe.
© Oublaum Filmes
  • Director

    Raul Domingues

  • Portugal / 2022
    66 min. / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language


Most films revolve around people. They are concerned with exploring how these people act, think and feel. At the same time, there is a growing realisation that anthropocentrism will create ever more severe problems as long as instrumental reason continues to shape our relationship to the environment. While theory has responded to such questions with the concept of the planetary turn, cinema has produced such films as COW by Andrea Arnold, LE QUATTRO VOLTE by Michelangelo Frammartino, or TERRA QUE MARCA by Raul Domingues.
Domingues shot his film in the hinterlands of Portugal. People appear, but only as one factor amongst others. Callused hands sow, weed, build and rake; stooped backs bring in the harvest. The gaze of the MiniDV camera gravitates toward the ground, catching sight of furrows in the soil, gullies caused by erosion, potato plants, weeds, a grazing horse, the imprint of tractor wheels in the mud. Tools and agricultural machinery feature just as prominently: a petrol-powered chainsaw, a plough, a mixing machine, a drum of liquid manure. Such precise observation of matter exerts a hypnotic pull. (Cristina Nord)

Raul Domingues, born in 1991 in Leiria, Portugal. He graduated from the Caldas da Rainha School of Arts and Design and now works as an editor and director. After Flor azul (2014), Terra que marca is his second feature-length film.

Production Ico Costa, Krzysztof Dabrowski, Raul Domingues. Production companies Oublaum Filmes (Lissabon, Portugal), Etnograf Films (Tyszowce, Poland). Director Raul Domingues. Cinematography Raul Domingues. Editing Raul Domingues. Sound design Paulo Lima. Sound Tiago Matos. Executive producer Ico Costa. With Maria Alice Sousa, Manual Jesus Duro, Joaquim Sousa, Manuel Carpalhoso, José António Sousa, Luís Mil Homens, Manuel Carlos, Luís Carpalhoso, Edmundo Lisboa, Maria Alice Domingues.

World sales Terratreme Filmes

Films: 2013: Alice e Darlene (8 min.). 2014: Flor azul (70 min.). 2022: Terra que marca / Striking Land.

Bonus Material

Essay and Director's Statement

  • Still from the film "Terra que marca (Striking Land)" by Raul Domingues. A close up of a horse


    In "Wild Sight" Patrick Holzapfel describes how TERRA QUE MARCA attempts to live in amongst larvae, worms, and grubs.

  • Still from the film "Terra que marca (Striking Land)" by Raul Domingues. A fruit tree in a field, the branches bending heavily with fruits.

    Director's Statement

    Raul Dominguez on how the ideas for his film developed.

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