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Un gif larguísimo

A Very Long Gif
Film still from Eduardo Williams’ “Un gif larguísimo (A Very Long Gif)“. A black background. A large dark yellow circle overlaid by two smaller circles - one blue and one light yellow.
© Eduardo Williams
  • Director

    Eduardo Williams

  • Spain, Norway, Greece / 2022
    75 Min. / Single-channel video installation / Original version

  • Original language

    Spanish, English, Mandarin, Guinea-Bissau Creole

Recorded with a swallowed pill camera, the video UN GIF LARGUÍSIMO (A Very Long Gif) is an observational journey through the landscape of the digestive system, combined with a detailed zoom into cities and people moving in the limits of our vision, filmed with a powerful telephoto lens. These disparate image spaces sustain each other with the tension of celestial bodies. The sound of overlapping movements through different human agglomerations offers a third level of observation. Scales are flipped and imperceptible movements are unveiled in the longest GIF you’ve ever seen.

Production Eduardo Williams. Production company Eduardo Williams (Argentinia). Director Eduardo Williams. Cinematography Eduardo Williams. Editing Eduardo Williams. Sound Eduardo Williams. Commissioned by Azkuna Zentroa, BEK - Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst. With Nahuel Perez Biscayart.

Eduardo Williams studied at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, before joining Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains in France in 2012. His short films premiered at Cannes Film Festival and FID Marseille. His first feature, EL AUGE DEL HUMANO (2016), won the Pardo d’oro for Best Film at Filmmakers of the Present at the 69th Locarno Film Festival. His last short film PARSI (2018) premiered at Forum Expanded 2019. Retrospectives of his short films have been organized, among other places, at Lincoln Center in New York and the Cinémathèque française in Paris.

Films: 2010: Tan Atentos / Beware (7 min.). 2011: Pude ver un puma / Could See a Puma (17 min.). 2012: El ruido de las estrellas me aturde / The sound of stars dazes me (20 min.). 2013: Que je tombe tout le temps? / That I’m Falling? (15 min.). 2014: Tôi quên rôi! / I forgot! (30 min.). 2016: El auge del humano / The Human Surge (97 min.). 2018: Parsi (with Mariano Blatt, 23 min., Forum Expanded 2019). 2022: Un gig larguísimo.

Bonus Material

Portrait of Eduardo Williams with light shirt and cap looking up diagonally.

Eduardo Williams © Victoria Pereda

“I wanted to invite people to observe in general the landscape of the inside of the body, rather than to look for what is right or wrong or how these images are used for medical reasons.”

Ulrich Ziemons talks with artist Eduardo Williams

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