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Unutma Biçimleri

Forms of Forgetting
A human hand and the trunk of an elephant are stretched into the frame, moving towards each other. Stones and trees can be seen in the background.
© Fol Film
  • Director

    Burak Çevik

  • Turkey / 2023
    70 min. / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language


We only see Nesrin and Erdem once on camera, in the twelve-minute shot of the two of them sitting on the steps of a stone amphitheatre. They talk about their relationship, they talk about how they broke up, neither of them remember things quite the same. The two of them also talk over the conversation in voiceover, as if holding a discussion in four dimensions; they already remember things they had forgotten about that specific situation, just two years before. They talk over other images as well, the frozen lake with the hole cut in the ice, the shipyard that once housed a prison, the ruined city of stone, the greenhouse and the forest, the new museum that will show this film once before it disappears from the screen for 14 years, love leaves the mind and re-enters it at will; everything else does too, in too many ways to describe. But there are other images too, the ones that reason without words, the flat being gutted, the hide of the elephant, the laptop screen in the dark. Nesrin recalls what Marc Auge once said, although not word for word: “Forgetting and remembering are not completely opposite things. Because one exists, the other is possible.” (James Lattimer)

Production Burak Çevik. Co-production Selman Nacar. Production companies Fol Film (Istanbul, Turkey). Director Burak Çevik. Screenplay Burak Çevik. Cinematography Burak Çevik. Editing Burak Çevik. Music Zeynep Toraman. Sound design Yalın Özgencil. With Erdem Şenocak, Nesrin Uçarlar.

Burak Çevik, born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1993, he studied film and television at the Istanbul Bilgi University. Both his debut film TUZDAN KAIDE (2018) and his second film AIDIYET (2019) were presented at the Berlinale Forum. His video works have been shown at many festivals.

Films: 2018: Tuzdan kaide / The Pillar of Salt (70 min., Berlinale Forum). 2019: Aidiyet / Belonging (72 min., Berlinale Forum), A Topography of Memory (video, 30 min.). 2020: While Cursed by Specters (video, 10 min.). 2022: A Woman Escapes (co-directed by Blake Williams & Sofia Bohdanowicz, 81 min.). 2023: Unutma Biçimleri / Forms of Forgetting.

Bonus Material

Director's Statement and Essay

  • Close-up of a hole in the ice where strings are being laid. On the right of the picture, four hands are working on the strings.


    Lawrence Garcia on the impossibility of representing a void in Burak Çevik’s UNUTMA BIÇIMLERI

  • A man and a woman are sitting outside on wooden steps with cushions. Next to them is a plate of food and a glass of water. A pink roller skate lies between the woman and the man.

    Director's Statement

    Burak Çevik on the memories that accompany his film UNUTMA BIÇIMLERI

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